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Chevrolet Cruze Remote FlipKey Shell Replacement


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Chevrolet Cruze Replacement FlipKey Shell

Colour Black
Brand VR
Vehicle Service Type Car
Item Weight 101 Grams
Number of Buttons 3

About this item

  • Vehicle Compatibility : Chevrolet
  • Model compatibility: Cruze
  • Key Compatibility: 3 button flip key


Chevrolet Cruze 3 Button Replacement Flip Key Shell

Technical Details

Product description

3 button flip key replacement shell for chevrolet cruze empty key shell case, no electronic board or battery inside product description: package include: 1 x remote key shell case style: folding/flip key case buttons quantity: 3 buttons diy procedure: open your original key casing. Transfer your internal electronics, such as immobilizer/transponder chip, remote circuit and battery of original flip key into the new shell exactly as in the original key. Remember to place the immobilizer chip nearby key head provision provided and glue the chip at one corner to fit well. Take your old key blade and new uncut blade supplied along with the shell to an automotive locksmith to get it duplicated. You will only be charged for the cutting of blade. In case if you are not thorough with the diy procedure, we recommend you to visit your nearest locksmith to get it done.

Chevrolet Cruze Remote FlipKey Shell

Chevrolet Cruze Remote FlipKey Shell

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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