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Nippon Two Button Remote for Swift/Sx4/Ertiga/Ritz/ZenEstilo (433MHZ)


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  • 1 Pic of Remote Transmitter assembly, with Battery CR 1620
  • Nippon OE Remote for :Swift/Sx4/A-star/Ritz/Ertiga (433MHZ)
  • Don’t Buy  for Wagon R


Two Buttons Remote Car Key Suzuki Swift SX4 Vitara model

  • Nippon OE Remote for Swift/Sx4/A-star/Ritz/Ertiga (433MHZ)
  • 1 Pic of Remote Transmitter assembly, with Battery CR 1620
  • Don’t Buy  for Wagon R

Vehicle Compatibility 

  • A-STAR
  • ERTIGA (1st Gen)
  • RITZ
  • SX4
  • ZEN ESTILO (2nd Gen)
  • SWIFT (VXI,VDI,2rd Gen)
  • Brand: NIPPON
  • Product Code: Nippon 2B Swift

Remote Programming /Matching procedure (Please Watch a video below to match a remote with your car One of the method will surly work out of method shown in 3 videos)

Note: Remotes Shown In the videos Are Same But Of different Design So Don’t Get Confused By Looking at the remote design

Video 1

New Suzuki Swift remote can be matched using this Video: Here is the procedure:

1. Unlock the car using 1 working remote.

2. Sit in the car and keep the driver-side door open.

3. Turn-ON the ignition with any key and immediately take out the key. Do not start the car.

4. Press & release door-switch 3 times.

5. Again turn ON the ignition and immediately take out the key. Door locks will cycle from Unlock position to Lock position and then to Unlock position to confirm Remote programming mode.

6. Now press and hold lock button of each remote one by one for 1 second. You’ll hear a short beep for each successful registration

Video 2

This Video shows the technique of matching new Maruti Swift Remote Matching. This technique is little different from old techiniue in 2 ways:

1. To match a new remote in programming mode you have to press lock or unlock button more than once.

2. New remote will start working only after you get a long beep although old remote will start working before the long beep.

Video 3

This Video shows “How to program New Nippon Swift Remote to a Car”. Atleast one working remote is required for this procedure. Here are the steps.

1. Open the car with any of the working remote.

2. Sit in car, keep the driver side door open and Turn ON the ignition

3. Press Alarm button once, Leave it, Press it again and hold it in pressed position.

4. You’ll hear a single beep confirming remote registration/matching mode.

5. Now press “LOCK” button on each remote to match them with system. Previously programmed remotes should also be matched again.

6. Leave the alarm button. You’ll hear a long beep confirming exit from Remote Programming mode.

7. Take out the key. Close the door and check remotes for operation.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 10 cm


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