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XUV 500 key cover Replacement Shell


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3 button flip key fit for XUV5000. XUV500 Replacement Key Shell is an empty keyshell, No electronic board/immobilizer chip/transponder inside the key shell. You have to transfer the internal parts from the old key to the new key. Be careful not to damage the electronic board/immobilizer chip/ transponder while transferring from the key. Installation/Replacement is easy Instructions for Replacement/ Installation: Open the key’s body with a screw driver. (2) Remove the remote from the case. (3) Install the remote in the new case as it was in the original case.



Our XUV 500 key replacement shells are meticulously crafted to match the specifications of your key. This perfect fit ensures that all buttons and functions remain easily accessible while providing maximum protection for your key.

When it comes to finding the perfect replacement shell for your XUV 500 key, look no further. We offer a wide range of high-quality replacement shells that combine style and functionality, ensuring that your key remains protected in the most possible way.

About this item

  • Vehicle Compatibility: XUV 500, 3 Button Remote Car Key Shell.
  • No electronic battery, immobilizer chip or board inside
  • You need to transfer the internal parts to new key. Installation/ Replacement does not require any programming
  • Be careful not to damage the transponder/ chip while transfering it from your old key shell to new key shell. Installation and replacement can be done by self with proper tools or can be installed from a local shop.
  • 100% original fit, good qualty Brass Blade.


Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 cm


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